Short or long wedding dress

Posted by Andriy on May 23, 2013.

What length to choose a dress long or short

short or long wedding dressThe question on the subject: short or long dress to choose care of many girls. Especially when we are talking about wedding dress. It is necessary to approach this issue wisely. A girl might like a short dress, but it it will not look one hundred percent. Below we give you tips what length to choose a wedding dress on your wedding.

Length wedding dresses

To make a wedding dress was convenient to walk, it should be 2 – 3 inches shorter than the floor level. Usually shortened dresses wedding shops, according to the height of your heels wedding shoes. Petticoat with rings lifts the dress, so you can be shortened only after you have finalized the size of petticoats.
Some girls do not listen to our recommendations and insist that the dress was up to the floor. Everyone chooses what he likes, but too uncomfortable to walk a long dress!
Short Wedding Dress
It happens that she decided to get married in a short dress. For example, if the wedding is celebrated modestly or if the event will take place at the seaside. However, in any case I advise to try on and a long dress – maybe you will change your opinion.
Short wedding dress is good for those who have perfect legs. So it shows the beauty of your legs. But if they’re ugly feet, then it will look bad. How many times have seen this scene: come to the salon girl in a denim mini-skirt and asks to see her short wedding dress. Donning his girl comes to the mirror – and was horrified looks on their feet! It turns out they curves and ugly. In denim skirt legs looked good. But a wedding dress made from fine fabrics, adorned with lace and beads, just emphasizes all the flaws. If a girl is not wearing tights, they will be seen even minor blemishes. So short or long wedding dress you deside.

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