The choice of wedding celebration style

Posted by Andriy on September 22, 2012.

Choice of wedding celebration style

The choice of  wedding celebration style will greatly depend on the following factors:
number of guests;
the estimated amount of expenditure;
the time of the wedding;
the selected style wedding dress in Europe.

style wedding celebrationIn any case, any selected wedding style should match a bride and groom’s own style, then it will look harmonious.

Conformity to the spirit of the wedding is the true measure of the beauty of the celebration, not the value of its holding. Holiday atmosphere is determined by the outgoing young aura of joy and happiness.

   Choosing the style of the wedding is pretty easy if the couple have similar experience and origin, views of life and demonstrate the unity of opinion. Taking into account the variety of tastes, of all the invited guests, the organizers need to show good judgment, communication skills and the ability to compromise. You can buy in wedding dresses shop online everything you like.

So, what are the weddings in style?

1. Classic wedding.

        Weddings in the classic style assumes compliance with all wedding traditions. Because this style is the most elegant, it is also the most expensive.

It implies:

the large number of guests (more than three hundred);
precise execution of the wedding ceremony;
formal dress code for the newlyweds and guests, depending on the time of day, social conditions (on the circle to which the hosts and guests belong: diplomats, politicians, the rich and influential people, etc.).
Bridal attire should consist of the traditional wedding dress with a lush, floor, length, train, veil covering the face, or  a lace cape. Number of groomsmen and bridesmaids is important too. If there are three hundred invited guests there should not be less than six groomsmen with bridesmaids . In addition, the retinue of the bride and groom include: one or two girls with flowers, a rings keeper, a special person to keep the bride’s train (if needed). They should be clothed appropriate.

      The time of the marriage ceremony is late morning, afternoon and evening. Immediately after it an official reception is held, which is accompanied by a solemn lunch or dinner. Naturally, the place  suitable for this situation must be a room with the appropriate interior that can accommodate all guests.

        When making invitations to a celebration you shouldn’t forget about all the formalities in content and appearance. At the marriage ceremony, the families, and especially close friends have their seats together.

        There are a considerable number of people who, because of their social status, or notoriety in the country, think of an official wedding ceremony in a classic style. But even they realize that the organization of the celebrations according to the protocol is rather difficult and needs many months of painstaking preparation and the help of professionals.

 2. Official wedding.

         The official ceremony usualy accompanies all traditional weddings. Number of guests is expected from one hundred to two hundred and fifty. There are from three to six bridesmaids and best men (one for every fifty guests), a girl with flowers and a rinfs keeper. The bride is usually clothed in a wedding dress and a veil, her girlfriends – long, to the floor, clothes. All guests should wear adequate clother. In the entourage of the bride and groom.

        The time of the wedding – any time of the day. Its type will depend the time – lunch, dinner or cocktail party. Degree of formality of the wedding and the number of guests must comply with the place of the celebration.

 If the room where the wedding ceremony will be held is very small, or is not able to accommodate all the guests, then there should be invited only family members and closest friends.As for others they can be invited directly to the reception. Just the opposite situation is possible too. Therefore they send two invitations with a specific time and a place of the event.

        A formal wedding, too. Is focused on traditions. The rules of etiquette are less followed, and there is a choice of changing them depending on the circumstances. In this regard, the official wedding is quite a popular style of celebrating this event.

 3. Informal wedding.

     The informal wedding is less traditional than official and involves a smaller number of people (from fifty to one hundred). To fit any bride’s elegant (long or short) wedding dress of any color, you can choose a hat instead of a veil,it is acceptable and suitable a hat and a veil or even a wreath of flowers. Groomsmen’s clothing (usually one), must match with the informal style of the groom.

        When following this style, of course, there are also some elements of tradition, but it has the form of greater freedom, privacy and is truly unique. The process of marriage can be conducted at any time of the day, as the venue for the reception can be a house, a restaurant or a club.

4. Informal wedding.

       This is usually called a wedding with a small number of invited guests, not to exceed fifty (mostly relatives and close friends). Of identity it can be both religious and secular in nature and take place both at home and in any other place. But do not confuse an informal wedding with informal relationships!

        Special requirements for a method of making the invitations are not extended, so you can type them on the computer and print, they can be hand-written or just you can call guests on the phone. The bride is allowed to wear elegant dress or suit of the usual length, the other guests have to dress accordingly. At the reception, held at home, you can submit only refreshments and sandwiches. You can order lunch in a cafe or bar.

        The main thing in informal wedding – is the involvement of other people in the most important event of the life of a young couple. This celebration is more modest and relatively cheap, which, however, does not make it less important and memorable than a rich and splendid wedding.

5. Wedding “Thumbelina”.

 It is a style of minimalism, when in the process of marriage a young couple, witnesses and parents are only involved. You can conduct a modest dinner. Any ceremony is available.

        Guests look simple enough and rather elegant. Being dressed up in the best costumes is Optional.

        Loud and long toasts are not pronounced. They  the young family congratulate and wish them luck for years!

6. “Cool” wedding.

        Such a marriage is usually accepted among bikers. But you can ask them to participate in your wedding, giving it a biker flavor.

It will be very impressive when the sides of the wedding procession will, slowly, with dignity accompany some chrome expensive bikes like “Harley-Davidson”, riders are dressed in leather jackets and bandanas painted.

       Naturally, the train should be decorated accordingly: instead of colored ribbons stretched strips of foil, spray painted balls, and to the rear bumper of a car several cans can be attached by a rope. Be sure such will be the center of attention of others!

       At such a wedding dress for the bride should be quite appropriate leather pants, a white shirt and a  wide tie-frigate, with a knot hanging somewhere on the chest.

        For the bride it’ll be a quite natural desire to change the seat of the car in to the back seat of the bike! The veil will look very impressive in the wind!

        At such weddings beer and only beer is served.

        They make loud toasts and sing songs.

        However, there is one concern that not every parent can agree to such madness, even a loving mother of the bride …

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