Buy wholesale wedding dresses from Europe

Wholesale wedding dresses

We are distributors wedding dresses from Europe to all countries. Therefore we invite you to cooperation. If you wish to start a business selling wedding dresses, our company can provide you with a favorable conditions. Dear our future partner! You can buy wedding dresses at wholesale prices. Immediately, we can assure you that we buy wedding dresses at wholesale prices from the manufacturer. More about it you do not have to think, where to buy clothes from Europe! Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

 Conditions for  wholesale wedding dresses in Europe

We want to show the benefits of co-operation with us:


High quality wedding dresses.

Wide range (more than 1000 models).

Optimal price.




Short-delivery time.

No more than one regional representative in the city.


Useful for you (high quality with low price)


Bridal gowns at wholesale prices for your biznes

One-off discount for wholesale customers in the amount of 3%, provided the registration on our website and wholesale ordering at least 3 dresses. Buying bridal gowns at wholesale price, you get the best conditions for your business.
Discounts through a loyalty program:

● 6% on the first wholesale purchase this year.

● 7% for the second purchase made during the year.

● 8% for the third re-purchase during the year.

● 10% re-purchase of the fourth year.

Discounts on the number of these wedding dresses:
Wholesale One-time purchase

5 pcs. 10 pieces. 15 pieces. 20 pieces.
Discount 4% 6% 10% 12%

Attention! You can buy wedding dresses minimum order 3 or more dresses. Prices in our retail online store. To obtain wholesale prices for wedding dresses, you can send us an e-mail. We also supply products to other countries from our wedding dresses shop online.

Given that in the production of wedding and evening dresses are used expensive fabrics and decorative materials, and also used hand-behold, sending orders for the production occurs after payment of interim payment (deposit) of 50% of the total order wholesale. The remaining amount (50%) of the goods ordered, the customer pays when receiving goods at our office, or before delivery to the customer.

We are interested in your success, we provide all possible support! Write to us and we will respond to allissues relating to cooperation.